Thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking for a comprehensive review on Piano For All by Robin Hall then you’re at the right place. I have recently bought this course and I was literally amazed. I took piano lessons when I was a kid, and while I have always loved the piano, I never played well (piano teacher lamented that my playing reflected more feeling than accuracy) & after 25+ years without lessons or regular practice my playing got to be downright awful. I bought some other learn-to-play software, but it was incredibly boring & kept locking up my computer. I ordered Piano for all by Robin Hall after reading glowing reviews, but had a strong hunch that due to my extreme lack of talent I wouldn’t have the same results other described. I’ve completed all the guides and trust me, am having so much fun making pretty sounds (even recognizable melodies) come out of my piano! What you’re about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before investing in the Piano For All system yourself. I promise to give my own personal honest review on Piano for all. 🙂

What exactly is the Piano for all system?

Piano For All is an easy and intelligently designed piano learning system that covers many styles of playing piano such as Blues, Ballads, Classics etc… The course is delivered via instantly downloadable PDF EBooks that have audio and video embedded in them so that at key points you can hear or see a demonstration. The videos are particularly good as Robin talks you through and then plays in front of you the section he is teaching. Its feels just like having a piano teacher with you. Isn’t that awesome?

When I ordered this package, there was also an additional option to pay a little more and get the complete source on a CD-ROM in additional with the instantly downloadable files. Alternatively, you could order the CD-ROM version and download the first couple of eBooks, so that you can make a start learning piano while you wait for the CD-ROM to arrive.

The package contains 9 eBooks divided into various topics. Each eBook is nicely made and is made up of simple steps to build your piano skills very easily. The books contain lots of diagrams to help you including diagrams of piano keys with coloured dots to show which notes to play as well as traditional music notation. The key thing about this course though is that I have been able to get results fast, within a day or two I could play some really nice sounding piano. I was really amazed with this ebooks, they were just awesome. It is this aspect of the course that excites me and has driven me on to learn more.

You can have a look at this video to see the sort of music you could be playing in just a few short weeks of working through this course….

That’s really amazing, isn’t it?

What does the Piano for All Course comprise of?

As mentioned earlier, it is a set of 9 eBooks which are amazing. Let’s take an overview of what these eBooks are about:

Book 1 – Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Piano

Play great rhythm style piano straight away with piano chords, 10 classic party rhythms, a terrific piano chord ballad, lots of keyboard diagrams, tricks, bluffs, formulas and loads of progressions in the style of classic songs. Within days you’ll be the life and soul of the party!

Book 2 – Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll..

Now you can play some great Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano. Instantly recognizable rhythms that can be used for hundreds of classic songs. Amaze your friends with the sounds of Fat’s Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and a host of others. It’s easy when you know how!

Book 3 – Chord Magic

Learn more piano chords using amazing memory tricks and play some great practice progressions in the style of popular songs. Learn to change chords at speed using Inversions. A special piano chord chart and some speed learning exercises will help you master your chords in next to no time!

Book 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy

You are now ready to learn some advanced chords but Piano For All helps you do it the easy way – not the technical way. Tons of extra practice progressions in the style of popular piano songs and a rhythm chart for 80 Beatles songs plus some great Beatles Piano stylings.

Book 5 – Ballad Style

Use your knowledge of chords to create a great piano ballad style and apply it to melodies in 3 easy steps. Learn to improvise and create your own melodies – the fun way! By the end of the book you will be playing some terrific songs. This is not bland “easy” piano – you will sound like you’ve been playing for years!

Book 6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy

Picture the cool jazz piano player in the smokey bar – now it’s your turn. Amazingly easy techniques which you can apply to any tune – Standards, Traditional Jazz piano, Modern Jazz improvisation, flashy “runs”, cool riffs, chords, patterns, blues scales, you name it – it’s all here – Jazz Piano made easy!

Book 7 – Advanced Blues & Fake Stride

Book 7 expands on some of the blues piano techniques you learned earlier. You’ll learn lots of ways to spice up your playing, and how to improvise blues piano over the rhythms you’ve been practising since book 2. To top it off you will be taught ‘fake stride’ and a terrific version of The Entertainer!

Book 8 – Taming the Classics

With Piano For All you learn to read piano sheet music as you learn to play by ear. By using a mixture of chord knowledge and Piano For All Sight Reading Aids you will now be able to tackle some great classical pieces. Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Strauss, Brahms, Eric Satie, Verdi, Scott Joplin and more…

Book 9 – Speed Learning

Most people dread the idea of playing scales and exercises but they really do speed up the learning process and there’s no reason why they can’t be fun to play. This book has tons of fun exercises and memory tricks which you can use at any stage of the Piano For All course. Exercises in EVERY key.

There are a total of 500 audio files and 200 video files spread throughout the books which gives you a complete multimedia training system.

Is Piano for All Course right for you?

So far, I told you my experience with Piano For All. You know that most traditional music generally starts with theory and music notation. This is then followed by learning scales and then simple music using standard sheet music. The Piano For All course starts you playing straight away using keyboard diagrams and supporting audio and video files.

Well, this doesn’t mean you won’t learn to read standard music notation, but instead, you learn the standard notation as you go along. In this way you start playing decent sounding piano quickly. Easy and quick, right?

Let’s think of it this way. When you were a child, you learned to speak first, then learned the alphabet and how to read. It’s the same with this course. You learn to play music first, then learn to read music. The course starts with basic and then ends up with the standard and high notations guide but everything is easily understandable.

The real approach for the Piano For All Course review is to teach you about the chords and chord progressions. The great thing about this course is the speed with which you can actually begin to play and sound quite accomplished. Your friends and family will be amazed at your playing. Trust me, I personally feel great about my skills after I completed my whole course.

What are the Bad things about Piano For All?

Well everything has some cons, but the Piano For All course has only a few, which are quite negligible to be honest 🙂

While going through book 1 it mentions an Intro Contents PDF but I didn’t receive that as part of the download. At the start of book 1, it restates what is in the Intro Contents, so I suppose it doesn’t matter. I decided to email Robin about this and he told me there was originally a separate introduction book, but he later put the introduction into Book 1 and forgot to remove the reference to the separate introduction in book 1. So no problem really there. I was pleased with the quick response I got from Robin. It actually shows he does provide good support.

What are the Good things about Piano For All?

Honestly, this course covers a wide range of music styles and it gives you a strong foundation on which to build. You can take your music in whatever direction you like.

The creator of Piano For All supplies an email address, so you can contact him with any query or doubts if you want to. He actively likes to hear from his students and provides a fast personal response. I had asked some doubts and I got my answers generally within 4-5 hours.

The testimonials on his website offer their email addresses so you could contact them to find out more if you wish. I have never seen this in a sales page before!

You quickly learn to play nice sounding piano. This is the biggy for me. It’s what keeps me going and keen to learn more. You don’t have to wait weeks to sound proficient on the piano.

The Piano For All course is suitable for piano, digital piano or keyboard.

For the money I think this is an absolute bargain! I’m really happy to try it I highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate and wants to become a pro quick 😉

My Final Conclusion!

The Piano for all course is a straight forward system which shows you how to play piano. Overall I have been personally blown away with the quality of the lessons and videos included by Robin Hall.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this product is the best on the internet for people looking to learn the play the piano. So if you are looking to learn piano but have been worried about the amount of work you’ll have to do, you really should take a close look at this.

I’m sure you won’t regret it. I hope you have found this review helpful.

You can check out Robin’s official website or you can buy from here, 100% safe.

Check out the official website for Robin’s Piano For All here:

P.S – Robin’s course has been the top selling piano course for the last couple of years now – I’m not the only one who has been impressed by Robin’s work!

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